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Quality Inspection Checklists.

Create consistent, reliable and repeatable inspection processes.

Quality Control Inspections

A reliable and repeatable inspection process will produce consistent results for your company’s quality control system. Consistency is when two inspectors look at the same details and interpret their observations in the same way. FTQ360 will improve your inspection consistency.

Library of Inspection Checklists

You’ll have access to a library of Over 300 Ready-to-Use construction quality control inspection checklists for use on all Web enabled devices such as tablets, phones or PCs.

Use as-is or as templates that you can easily edit. You can also create your own from scratch or import your checklists from Excel.


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Use FTQ360 Checklists For:

Checklists Help You:

Benefits Include:

  • Make Improvements – Know who, what, when and how often rework occurs
  • Reduce Risks – Have a permanent record of completed inspections, tests, and conditions
  • Increase Profits – Improve quality, safety, and delivery with checkpoints for important tasks
  • Gain Consistency – New and experienced crews will follow the same qa/qc processes
  • Output to Formatted Reports – Good for government agency compliance

And More…

  • Save Time
  • Streamline processes
  • Stop wasting time filling in project information
  • No waiting for others to complete their inspections first
  • Collect Data for Reporting
  • Measurements
  • Serial numbers
  • Or any data you choose to collect
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How we helped Paragon Group


Inspections used to depend on the experience and judgement of the superintendent. FTQ360 has helped us define exactly where, when and what we need to inspect and all our superintendents are following the same process, regardless of their experience.

Adam Trapani

Adam Trapani

Quality Control Manager
Paragon Group

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