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Essential QAQC Software Functions for Construction Projects

FTQ360’s Six Essential QAQC Software Functions for Construction Projects

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Six essential QAQC software functions contractors need for construction projects

Function #1.

Deficiency/Work-to-Complete Punchlist Reports

Document and control deficiencies while streamlining deficiency management in construction. Easily document issues found at all stages of project delivery, communicate them to responsible parties, and ensure issues are corrected.

FTQ360’s QAQC software documents issues at every stage of the construction project:

  • Design issues found during pre-construction reviews and during construction.
  • Construction deficiencies and problems that wastes time and money.
  • Equipment and system performance issues found during startup and commissioning.
  • Customer and quality issues found during construction and at project turnover.
  • Requests for Information (RFI)
  • Change Orders
  • Non-conformance Reports (NCR)
  • Import Excel Punch Lists from any source

FTQ360 deficiency reports enhance accountability for improving construction project outcomes:

  • Consistent process for tracking and assigning accountability for correcting deficiencies.
  • Field personnel quickly and easily communicate quality issues to make sure they are corrected.
  • Project managers have easy access to outstanding issues that may impact budget and schedule.
  • Open deficiencies are under control and issues do not slip through.
  • Identify and prevent recurring issues.

Function #2.

Daily Progress Reports

View real-time project activities, keep stakeholders informed and protect your company. Get instant snapshots of project activity at any time with detailed records including photos, videos, and activity logs.

With FTQ360, progress is reported in a structured way that serves all stakeholders while protecting the company with a documented history of project progress at every stage. Streamline communication with clear, well-conceived reports delivered to the project team, executives, and the client.

Serious benefits:

  • Detailed incremental record of daily activities, including photo and video surveys of the site.
  • Comprehensive data collection of on-site personnel, subcontractors, equipment, and material receipts.
  • Automated weather reports.
  • Documentation of problems encountered, unexpected costs, and delays.
  • Keep managers and clients fully informed – FTQ360 progress reports ore like virtual site visits.
  • Fully documented project history.

Function #3.

Checklist Inspections

Proof positive that inspected work meets project requirements with interactive checklists that focus on preventing risks and achieving first time quality.

Master quality control procedures with FTQ360’s huge library of over 750 fully customizable checklist templates ready to use throughout the lifecycle of the construction project:

  • Pre-construction document review of specifications and drawings.
  • Qualification of vendors and subcontractors.
  • Completion of work tasks during construction.
  • QC review for the completion of project phases and milestones.
  • Systems startup.

Serious benefits:

  • Consistent inspection process based on lessons learned by subject matter experts.
  • Documented compliance with project requirements.
  • Always accurate inspections even though field personnel have varying levels of competencies and training.
  • Catch known issues and improve outcomes.
  • Enhanced supplier and subcontractor accountability for quality.
Preloaded checklists

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PowerDelivery-Consistent Inspections

Function #4.

Field Data Collection

Record routine and repetitive field data on digital forms and spreadsheets. Easily integrate them into punchlists, checklists, and daily reports.

FTQ360 provides a digital platform for capturing all types of field data, external documents, files, and photos, and producing professional-grade reports.

Examples of Field Data Collection Uses:

  • Daily progress reports to record project activity.
  • Manpower logs.
  • Concrete delivery sample measurements.
  • Material delivery item, quality, and condition records.
  • HVAC startup measurements.
  • Equipment serial numbers.
  • Daily report subcontractors and/or equipment on site.
  • Key dimensions of formwork, foundation, and framing.
  • Automatic weather and current conditions.
  • Precision GPS location.
  • Capture and acceptance of third-party inspection test reports.
  • OCR capture of measurement device screens.
  • Replacing forms and spreadsheets for reporting or data collection.
  • Startup of equipment, assemblies, systems, and subsystems.
  • Commissioning performance testing.

Serious benefits:

  • A single digital platform for reporting all types of technical inspections.
  • Consistent process for configuring unique forms and spreadsheet templates.
  • Increased inspector productivity with direct data collection.
  • Smart inspections with dynamic features, such as repetitive measurements and branching logic.
  • Real-time visibility.

Function #5.

Project-specific QAQC Plans

Keep quality assurance on track with precision and accountability at every stage of delivery.
Proactively plan specific inspections and quality controls that will be carried out on the project, including how quality will be assured through planned inspections and what tests will be performed.

Itemize required inspections, test, and hold points with FTQ360’s project specific QAQC plans. As the project moves forward, automated progress tracking shows which tests and inspections have been completed and which ones are still to come.

  • Review of drawings and specifications.
  • Vendor and subcontractor qualification reviews.
  • Qualification of project personnel.
  • Factory acceptance tests.
  • Checklist inspections of completed construction tasks.
  • Milestone inspections for completion of major phases of work.
  • Surveillance inspections by independent inspectors.
  • Hold points for customer approval to proceed.
  • Periodic quality and safety audits.
  • Independent inspections by code officials and other third parties.
  • Project handover and closeout.

Serious benefits:

  • Schedule inspections and assign them to inspectors.
  • Look-ahead dashboards display upcoming construction quality control activities.
  • Real-time visibility of construction quality control plan progress.
  • Ensure a consistent QAQC framework across similar projects.
  • Automate administrative burdens and get exception alerts for items needing attention.
  • Meet customer requirements for project-specific construction quality control plan submittals.

Function #6.

Proactive Quality Assurance and Risk Management

Get ahead of potential deficiencies.
Predictability and efficiency in construction will minimize delays, reduce costs, and ensure first time quality with FTQ360's proactive quality assurance and risk management function.

Utilize data to assess recurring issues and implement risk control strategies across the project lifecycle:

  • Identify potential problems and risks based on historical deficiency data.
  • Use lessons learned from other construction projects for better quality control.
  • Review vendor first time quality performance to understand inherent risks (and disqualify subpar vendors).
  • Enhance controls to prevent known risks, including adding checkpoints and initial inspections.
  • Monitor deficiencies in real-time with agile defect prevention processes.
  • Measure vendor first time quality performance for accuracy and improvement.

Serious benefits:

  • Reduce business risks to budgets, schedules, warranty costs, and claims.
  • Prevent avoidable defects and their consequences and make project delivery more predictable.
  • Get ahead of potential costly failures and improve first time quality.
  • Support of high-performance programs such as six-sigma, lean, or zero-defect first time quality.
  • FTQ360’s defect prevention is the engine that drives high performance initiatives forward.
  • Helps project teams minimize delays, reduce costs, and ensure first time quality.

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A Robust Platform for Demand Driven Projects

Benefit from FTQ360’s advanced software for construction quality management. Our reliable and scalable solutions enhance project quality with a user-friendly interface and mobile apps for easy tracking and continuous improvement. Seamlessly integrate with other applications, analyze data, and ensure international cybersecurity compliance.

Serious benefits

  • Operates efficiently at scale, managing quality control of hundreds of construction projects and thousands of inspections.
  • Works reliably online and offline with smart, automatic syncing.
  • Integrates with other applications, synchronizing projects, vendors and users.
  • Allows direct database connections for data analysis in Excel, Power BI, etc.
  • Ensures robust cybersecurity adhering to international standards.
  • Continually refined over a decade, resulting in a practical, dependable platform.
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