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We've been driving the quality management
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Pioneering quality construction

Since the early 1980s, the FTQ360 team has been driving the quality management agenda and pioneering the development of construction quality and safety systems, based on the exacting ISO 9000 principles.

Having written numerous articles, blogs and books over the years – and being a sought-after speaker at leading industry events today – the FTQ360 team can truly be considered to be thought leaders in the construction quality space. 

FTQ360 has implemented customized quality management systems for hundreds of general contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, insurance companies and trade associations.

This perspective gives FTQ360 deep understanding of the challenges that construction quality managers face. We apply this expertise directly to the development of the FTQ360 Software Platform.  Four patents pending underscore FTQ360’s technology and innovation leadership position and our expertise attracts some of the best construction companies around.

So, if you’re as serious about quality as we are, we’d love to talk.

How to up your game

At the recent Advancing Construction Quality event, our CEO Ed Caldeira led a session entitled: Assessing Your Quality Program – Where You Are and How To Up Your Game. 

Along with Jason Suarez, Quality Manager at Henkels & McCoy, Ed covered the following key topics and challenges facing the construction industry today.

  • Understanding why most quality program initiatives fail to get traction.
  • Evaluating your quality program in relation to your peers and construction industry best practices.
  • Developing an action plan to get your program to the next level.
  • Reviewing how Henkels & McCoy got traction for their national quality program and how they use FTQ360 to up their game.

Quality program improvement

If you’re serious about quality, then improving your Quality Management Program will probably be one of your main business goals.

At FTQ360, our team has devised a maturity model that allows you to establish exactly where your quality program is on a scale from basic and professional to advanced and expert. More importantly though, we can tell you exactly what you need to do to reach the next level.

So, wherever you are on your journey towards First Time Quality excellence, we’re here to help you.

Ed Caldeira

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