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01. Communications

Streamlined Communications

Fast and easy issue communication.

Stay on top of your deficiencies by eliminating unnecessary steps and automating key tasks.

If you’re getting serious about quality, then focusing on automating your communications and simplifying your processes is a great place to start. Here’s what the FTQ360 Software Platform can do for you.

Serious benefits

  • Deficiencies documented right on the inspection screen
  • Notifications automatically sent to subcontractors
  • Subcontractor corrections documented remotely
  • Punch-list dashboards and reports emailed instantly
  • Reminders on late items scheduled automatically
Ed Caldeira
Spotlight on Quality Program Improvement
Streamlining issue communications is one of the first steps on your journey to First Time Quality excellence.
Quality improvement program communications

02. Checklists

Pre-loaded Checklists

Hundreds of checklists at your fingertips.

Kick-start your professional quality program with our tried and tested interactive checklists.

Serious quality management starts with inspections, so having the perfect  library of checklists can be indispensible. The FTQ360 Software Platform comes with over 500 field-proven checklists ready for you to use and adapt.

Serious benefits

  • All you need for quality inspections straight out-of-the-box
  • Checklists available for all types of general construction
  • Dedicated checklists for specialty construction trades
  • Forms easily modified for personalized checklists
  • Over twenty specialized checkpoint formats
Ed Caldeira

Spotlight on Quality Program Improvement

Developing a suite of personalized checklists will help you to accelerate your journey towards First Time Quality excellence.

Quality improvement program


Find your next quality inspection checklist.

03. Processes

Consistent Processes

Accurate inspections from the whole team.

Control your inspection process and get reliable results every time – from your quality experts and beginners alike.

If you’re serious about quality, you’ll know that reliability and consistency are vital. The FTQ360 Software Platform has advanced technology-enabled features to help you keep organized and stay in control.

Serious benefits

  • All inspections conducted the same way every time
  • Accountability assigned for scheduled inspections
  • Identify and avoid fake and innacurate inspections
  • Manage final reviews, approvals and sign-offs
  • Monitor inspection activity in real-time
Ed Caldeira

Spotlight on Quality Program Improvement

Establishing a set of consistent processes is the cornerstone of a professional quality program and the secret weapon of the First Time Quality expert.

Quality improvement program
Spotlight on Quality Program Improvement
Documenting quality and safety compliance is the hallmark of First Time Quality excellence and a key aspect of a professional quality program.
Quality improvement program

04. Compliance

Documented Compliance

Definitive proof of project compliance.

Protect yourself from avoidable non-compliance issues and enhance your credibility with customers.

Ensuring customer satisfaction is a serious business – and presenting easy-to-read inspection reports and proof-positive compliance documentation can really help. The FTQ360 Software Platform includes comprehensive inspection reports to get you started.

Serious benefits

  • Produce professional-grade inspection reports
  • Document critical project compliance details
  • Include time and location stamped photographic evidence
  • Prove work is completed with detailed activity logs
  • Automatically backup reports to the project repository
Ed Caldeira

05. Plans

Comprehensive Project Quality Plans

Comprehensive inspection and test plans.

Keep your quality program on track and address project-specific risks with professional-grade planning.

When you’re serious about quality, the upfront planning of inspections – and then the use of them to guide the inspectors – becomes a business imperative. With the FTQ360 Software Platform, inspection and test plans are baked right into the process.

Serious benefits

  • Develop consistent quality processes for all projects
  • Choose the right plan for your project-specific requirements
  • Ensure accountability for compliance and avoid missed inspections
  • Automatically send progress reports and exception reminders
  • Fully supports ISO 9001 quality lifecycle requirements
Ed Caldeira

Spotlight on Quality Program Improvement

Planning your inspections proactively provides the springboard you need to develop an advanced quality program and gets you one step closer to First Time Quality excellence.

Quality improvement program
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06. Safety

Integrated Safety

Built-in safety compliance and risk reduction.

Use one platform for both your quality and safety programs.

Taking safety seriously is not optional – although adhering to the most rigorous occupational health and safety standards is. With the FTQ360 Software Platform and its advanced safety inspection features you can pin-point problem areas and focus improvement efforts where they are needed most.

Serious benefits

  • Consistent OSHA-compliant safety reporting
  • Positive follow-up on observation action items
  • Focus on injury-free safety performance
  • Risk-based injury prevention
  • Fully supports ISO 45000 compliance
Ed Caldeira

Spotlight on Quality Program Improvement

Integrating safety management is a key milestone in the development of an advanced quality program and a crucial step on your journey towards First Time Quality excellence.

Quality improvement program

07. Analytics

Powerful Analytics

Insightful performance dashboards and reports.

Make better decisions with advanced performance scoring and management capabilities.

Serious decisions need robust data, just as effective business management relies on regular measurement and analysis of performance metrics. The FTQ360 Software Platform includes powerful quality performance scoring and reporting functionality as standard.

Serious benefits

  • Focus improvement efforts on areas with the most business potential
  • Select and manage subcontractors based on performance rankings
  • Set quality performance goals for individuals, teams and projects
  • Track quantifiable results of quality initiatives
  • Identify training and coaching needs
Ed Caldeira

Spotlight on Quality Program Improvement

Analyzing the performance of both subcontractors and team members is the basis of an advanced quality management program and a vital component of First Time Quality excellence.

Quality improvement program
Spotlight on Quality Program Improvement
Preventing defects proactively and systematically will elevate your advanced quality management program to a truly expert level and is a sure sign of First Time Quality excellence.
Quality improvement program

08. Deficiencies

Reduced Deficiencies

Proactive defect reduction functions and tools.

Reach the pinnacle of quality management program expertise by systematically preventing deficiencies.

Cost reduction is a serious issue for most businesses, so proactively eliminating costly deficiencies is an absolute must for the best quality management teams. The FTQ360 Software Platform has an advanced defect reduction system that also includes pre-construction risk prevention tools.

Serious benefits

  • Rank outstanding deficiencies automatically
  • Uncover root-causes with drill-down analysis
  • Identify training requirements of field personnel
  • Alert inspectors to high-priority checkpoints
  • Automate follow-up improvement results
Ed Caldeira

How we helped Paragon


Inspections used to depend on the experience and judgement of the superintendent. FTQ360 has helped us define exactly where, when and what we need to inspect and all our superintendents are following the same process, regardless of their experience.

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Quality Control Manager

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