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INCREASED EFFICIENCY for Inspection and Testing

Make processes fast and predictable.

If optimizing your inspection and issue reporting processes to save time and money matters to you, we can help.

Increased Inspection

and Test Efficiency


Save time


Reduce costs


Optimize processes

Easier and more efficient field processes help improve productivity.

As a Project Manager,, the successful delivery of every project is ultimately down to you. We understand that. And we appreciate the many challenges you face every day just to keep your projects running on time and on budget – all while ensuring your people are safe and your customers are happy. That’s why we built the FTQ360 Software Platform. So, whether you are building predictable construction processes or improving day-to-day field productivity, we can help you – seriously.

Different needs

We understand that the needs of every Construction Management executive will be different, which is why we built the FTQ360 Software Platform with a number of advanced features.

But our experience – as well as the feedback we receive from our customers – tells us there are some key benefits that almost all Construction Directors will enjoy.

At FTQ360, we realize the importance of standardizing inspection processes, and automating communications and administrative processes involving a multitude of participants. We also appreciate the value of staying on schedule by eliminating avoidable problems that produce unnecessary delays.


The fast and easy way to issue communication.

If you automate your communications and simplify your issue documentation process, this is a great way to start getting serious about quality. The FTQ360 Software Platform can assist in the following ways..

  • FTQ360 documents deficiencies directly on the inspection screen
  • The platform automatically sends notifications to subcontractors
  • FTQ360 documents subcontractor corrections remotely

The platform instantly emails outstanding deficiency lists and and reports.

Basic 360

To gain control over your deficiencies, eliminate unnecessary steps and automate key tasks.


Get accurate inspections from your whole team.

Reliability and consistency are critical, if you’re serious about quality. The FTQ360 Software Platform provides advanced features and technology to help you stay organized and in control.

  • Conduct every inspection in the same way, every time
  • Use FTQ360’s single platform to communicate all types of construction issues
  • Receive automatic alerts when inspections or deficiencies run overdue
  • Use real-time monitoring for quality activity in
Consistent Processes

Control your inspection process and get reliable results every time – from your quality experts and beginners alike.

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Functions and tools to reduce defects - proactively

Most businesses need to keep an eye on cost reduction – so for the best quality management teams, proactively eliminating costly deficiencies is an absolute necessity. With the FTQ360 Software Platform, you get an advanced defect reduction system that includes tools for preventing risk before construction.

  • Use dashboards and reports to target the highest cost deficiencies
  • Prevent known risks systematically
  • Define quality performance objectives for individuals, teams and projects

Reach the highest level in your quality management program by systematically preventing deficiencies

How we helped Henkels & McCoy


Because we have many different projects and project managers FTQ provides a consistent platform for inspections, reporting, and documentation regardless of location.

John Davis

QA Manager
Henkels & McCoy

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