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INCREASE the EFFICIENCY of Inspection and Testing

Embed predictability in your processes.

If it’s important to you to optimize your field inspection processes and improve cycle time plus increase profit margins, we can help.

Increased Operational



Save time


Reduce costs


Optimize processes

Use more efficient and predictable processes to improve field productivity.

Inspecting and testing is a complicated affair, and improving operational efficiency isn’t easy. What can go a long way towards helping, is the development of dependable processes.

At FTQ360, we know that standardizing inspection processes and automating communications and administrative processes transforms your business. We also know how much it matters to stay on schedule by eliminating avoidable problems that cause unnecessary waste and delays.


Communicate issues quickly and easily.

If quality really counts to you, then a great place to start is by automating your communications and simplifying deficiency management. Here’s how the FTQ360 Software Platform relieves administrative tasks and decreases the time-sucking phone calls, text messages, and emails..

  • Document deficiencies right on the inspection screen and on the jobsite
  • Freesup hours in the office updating reports, by automatically sending notifications to subcontractors
  • Manage subcontractor go-back:  see what is still pending, what is past due, and what is fixed and ready to re-inspect.
  • Run and review easy-to-read, real-time deficiency dashboards and reports
Basic 360

Get control over your deficiencies by automating key tasks and eliminating unnecessary procedures.


Accurate inspections from your entire team.

If quality is something that you’re serious about, you’ll know that standardization and consistency are crucial. To help you remain organized and in control, the FTQ360 Software Platform offers advanced technology-enabled features.

  • Use automation to eliminate administrative work
  • Conduct each inspection the same way, every time
  • Use a single platform to communicate all types of construction issues
  • Inspection checklist templates are easily updated and disseminated to the Quality Inspectors without complicated document generation management
  • Receive automated alerts when deficiencies are overdue or ready for re-inspect
  • Perform quality inspection activity monitoring in real-time
Consistent Processes

Take control of your inspection process and achieve reliable results every time – both from your quality experts and beginners.

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Harness the power of proactive functions and tools for defect reduction.

Most businesses face the serious issue of cost reduction, so it’s imperative for the best quality management teams to proactively eliminate costly deficiencies. The FTQ360 Software Platform provides an advanced defect reduction system. This feature also includes pre-construction tools for risk prevention.

  • Zero in on the most costly recurring deficiencies with FTQ360 dashboards and reports.
  • Take a systematic approach to preventing known risks

Define quality performance goals on an individual, team, or project basis


Through the systematic prevention of deficiencies, take your quality management program expertise to the highest level.

How we helped Henkels & McCoy


Because we have many different projects and project managers FTQ provides a consistent platform for inspections, reporting, and documentation regardless of location.

John Davis

QA Manager
Henkels & McCoy

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