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We believe that defects and injuries are preventable and that achieving First Time Quality and Safety is possible for everyone. First Time Quality focuses on building it safely, the right way the first time more and more often, and ultimately every time. And that’s why we created the FTQ360 Software Platform with a range of advanced features to help you to ensure compliance, reduce deficiencies and injuries – all whilst improving productivity and efficiency.

If you’re serious about quality and safety, we believe that you need serious software with purpose-built tools and processes. 

What they say

There are some popular myths and misconceptions that never seem to go away.

People will tell you that deficiencies are unavoidable. That they are an inherent part of the every project and that there’s not much that can be done to change it. We disagree.

Some people genuinely believe that quality issues don’t cost anything. That subcontractors will cover the costs of fixing deficiencies. And that the costs of project staff are already in the budget. They say that there is not even a problem to address. We see things differently.

You’ll be told that defining quality and safety is difficult. And that measuring it and managing performance is impossible. They will try to persuade you that quality is an industry-wide problem that needs an industry-wide solution. They will try to say that injuries are just part of the game. That it simply isn’t a problem that can be solved by any one company – much less on a single project. We know better.



What we believe

We believe that injuries and deficiencies are preventable. That whatever your current levels of defects, they can be improved. We believe that it is no longer acceptable to make the same mistake over and over, and over again.

We believe that building it right the first time, safely, is always faster and costs less than building it wrong and repairing it. or getting hurt. And that the fastest way to increase profits for everyone is minimising risks in the first place.

We believe that First Time Quality and Safety is the highest level of performance. When work is conducted in a safe manner that meets requirements without deficiencies, that’s First Time Quality. Pure and simple.

We believe that a First Time Quality and Safety approach sets its sights on building it right the first time more and more often. Some crews and subcontractors are better than others. And some superintendents and projects are more successful at preventing deficiencies than others. The trick is to help everyone be successful as they progress towards First Time Quality and Safety.

We believe that measuring First Time Quality and Safety is the best way to assess  – and ultimately improve – your performance. And if you’re serious about quality, your goal should always be 100%.

Ed Caldeira

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