Take Quality Management to the next level with FTQ360

Your complete guide to achieving First Time Quality excellence

All you need to know to achieve First Time Quality excellence for your construction projects. What you’ll learn: The hidden benefits of First Time Quality; Getting the basics right; Moving to the next level; Creating an action plan. With FTQ360, you really can build it right the first time.

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How do you achieve First Time Quality with Oil and Gas Inspections?

At FTQ360, we understand the challenges of controlling oil and gas inspections and tests and documenting the exact details – especially when lives, the environment and big budgets are at stake. This guide helps explain how inspection apps can help oil and gas companies make the most of their digital transformation efforts.


Selling your Quality Management Program to company leaders

Quality managers tell us their #1 problem is getting support and buy-in from company leaders. You will need to “sell” your program to company leaders to gain buy-in and support — which is easier said than done.



Goal planning template: Construction quality management

As a quality manager, it’s important that you take the time to set quality goals that focus on business results. Not only will this help you to achieve your own quality objectives, but also to best align your program with company-wide objectives and get buy-in.

Getting buy-in for your Quality Management Program

Getting buy-in for your Quality Management Program

Before approaching senior management with a new quality management program, getting buy-in from the people who will use it the most, is important. With this Buy-In Guide, you’ll have everything you need to get buy-in for a new quality management program.

Achieving First Time Quality from subcontractors

Achieving First Time Quality from subcontractors

Achieving first-time quality on a construction job might seem like an impossible goal, but there are plenty of good reasons to strive for it. Subcontractors play a significant role in the outcome of a construction job.

Guide to Better Quality though Project Commissioning

Guide to Better Quality Through Advanced Commissioning Techniques

As projects become more complex and have increased levels of automation systems, a fresh approach to commissioning is well overdue. This guide will show you how adapt to integrated systems, achieve quality success and streamline your project commissioning.


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