Safety inspections

Inspection Checklists.

Ready-to-use safety management checklists for inspections and reporting.


Our library of ready-to-use safety management checklists are perfect for inspections and reporting and are completely integrated into the FTQ360 Software Platform. Safety professionals can perform inspections, create issues, add pictures, make notes and share instantly with all responsible parties.

Available Checklists

  • Accident/Incident Report
  • Building Construction
  • Competent Person Qualification Assessment
  • Concrete Formwork
  • Daily Report/Jobsite Walk
  • Electrical
  • Existing Conditions Report
  • Fall Protection
  • Forms, Falsework and Concrete Operations
  • Incident and Injury Report
  • Initial Job-Ready Safety Assessment
  • Injury Report
  • Jobsite Hazard Assessment
  • Jobsite Training Record
  • Monthly Project Safety Compliance Audit
  • New Employee/Visitor Induction Review
  • Preconstruction Planning Meeting Report
  • Pre-Task Briefing
  • Project Contract, Plans, and Specifications Review
  • Safety Audit
  • Safety Deficiency Report
  • Safety Plan Review
  • Safety Violation Notice
  • Structural Steel Erection
  • Subcontractor Weekly Safety Audit
  • Subcontractor/Supplier Safety Qualification Assessment
  • Temporary Electrical Wiring
  • Toolbox Talk : Ladder and Stepladder Safety
  • Toolbox Talk Training Master
  • Toolbox talk training report MASTER
  • Violation Report
  • Weekly Project Progress Report
  • Welder – Welding Operations
  • Night Operations
  • Sanitation – Medical
  • Fire Prevention and Protection
  • Portable Air Compressors
  • Power Bench Tools
  • Generators – Fixed and Portable
  • Portable Electric Hand Tools
  • Administrative Check
  • Personnel Check
  • Equipment Checks
    – Air Compressor
    – Surface Supplied Air Operations
    – Breathing Air Supply Hoses
  • Lifeboat and Life Skiffs
  • Small Boat
  • Skiffs and Hulls Propelled by Outboard Motors
  • Power and Utility Barges
  • Tugs, Tenders & Motorboats
  • Dredges

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